When marriage had its root on the soil of tradition and culture, it was a pride of every community to witness such a glorious event happening in their lifetimes.

To the new generation of people in Africa, marriage is no longer what it used to be as the traditional rule of engagement has been audaciously violated and what we have left now is nothing to write home about.

Nowadays, couples are carried away by extravagance marriages, frivolous spending and display of wealth on their wedding day, reason the rate of divorce has being on the increase.

Just a reminder, as we’re getting carried away now, either English wedding, Spanish wedding or our own Traditional wedding, all are the same! You can choose which one you like, but none is superior to the other!

The photo in this article portrays a white wedding of the royal family and of course, the traditional wedding in Nigeria. It’s therefore absolutely right to say both dressed according to their culture.

The inferiority complex or colonial mentality that is attached to wedding should be purged out from our system. The idea of the Embassy asking for marriage certificate from the Court or Marriage Registry should be frowned at. Traditional pictures or videos should be more than enough tenable evidence of union.

Africans do not really need a funfair or run into serious debt all in the name of marriage. Just you and your partner with the family of the two partners in attendance while you pay dowry on the lady. That’s what marriage is all about, every other thing is secondary.

I hope this will change a lot of unnecessary  attachment to white, green, bkack or purple marriage.

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