Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance makes your journey stress-free and provides you with comprehensive coverage during the journey. Travel insurance policy covers both domestic and foreign travel. This policy will cover you and your family in case of travel related accidents, unimaginable medical expenses during travel, lost luggage, lost passport, flight delay or any problem or late arrival of luggage. Protects against damages.

According to the insurance regulator IRDAI, the name of travel insurance varies from insurance companies to their level. If you are buying a travel insurance policy, then it is important for you to do special preparation and homework beforehand.

Know this before taking a policy

If you are considering buying a policy, check whether it covers both domestic and foreign travel. Also, understand what cover you are getting in it. Do ask the insurance agent all the doubts and apprehensions that arise in your mind.

It is very important to know what the terms and conditions are. One thing to be aware of here is that travel insurance usually provides cover only for a specific period of the journey. However, some companies may also offer some special policies for the traveler.



It doesn’t cover these things

According to IRDAI, when you buy a travel insurance policy, it does not cover things like pre-existing illness, risk of war, suicide or mania and dangerous sports. Every company is present in the market with different cover policies. So first understand the policy comprehensively, then buy. One thing must be noted that always buy the policy according to the need.

In case of claim abroad

If you have gone on a foreign trip and due to some reason a claim situation arises in that country, then you should also be aware of it. Usually hot numbers are given in the policy, give information about the claim on it. You should also inform the local police, embassy or transport company there about this. For this, also inform the insurer about this.

If there is magic somewhere in the world, it is in the act of traveling and discovering what is in the world. Nothing gives you new experiences, wider perspectives and memories of a lifetime like travel.
Whether you’re a seasoned traveler who fits your bucket list of destinations that deserve years of planning and finance upfront, or someone who just loves traveling, travel insurance is something that can help you plan and prepare for your trip. will actually complete.

Getting out of the city you call home is as challenging as it is exciting. It is to say goodbye to familiarity and security and to embrace uncertainty. We want your travel adventures to serve their true purpose, whether it is spending quality time with your family, getting away from the daily stresses, having some time to yourself or making new friends

No matter how carefully you plan your travels, external factors create disruptions. Delayed flights and baggage loss are some of the most common travel hassles. They are unimpeded and can completely put you off your itinerary. Such incidents not only affect the spirit of your journey, but also cause financial loss.

Since the reason for going on a trip is to get away from your daily life and find relief, we don’t want you to have to deal with such travel related disruptions. From timeless travel destinations like France and Greece to lesser-visited destinations like Vietnam and Serbia, we have our insurance policy to accompany you on your journey wherever you feel like it.

No matter what your age, your preferences or your schedule, there is something magical for everyone in travel. We at Bajaj Allianz, we also offer travel insurance plans that cater to people from all walks of life.

In today’s run-of-the-mill life, the time to live the happy moments is over. In such a situation, whenever you get a chance, spend every moment of life with laughter, plan holidays with your family and take special care of yourself and your family’s safety along with plenty of fun.

Now the time for Christmas and New Year holidays is about to come. If you want to enjoy traveling to the fullest, then it is also important to take care of many small things. In such a situation, if your train or bus ticket is canceled or if you are going on a foreign trip, then many types of problems like flight miss or flight cancellation, loss of luggage…etc. Makes the holidays fun.

In such times, if you plan properly, you can avoid many problems. Travel insurance is a better option in this, which takes full care of you while traveling. Not only this, like a partner, every moment remains with you.

We have to take care of many things during the holidays or while going for outings anywhere. like-

  • Where do you want to go – Hill station, religious place or other places to visit with family events….
  • How to go – By private vehicle, rail travel or air travel….
  • How many days to go for – 4 days, a week or more.
  • What to take with you – food items, clothes according to the weather, towel-brush, travel items during the night, etc.
  • Where to stay on reaching there – normal hotel, dharamsala or three or five star hotel, other place….

Keeping all these things in mind, we should plan everything before leaving the house. Due to which we can avoid the problem to a great extent during the journey. In such a situation, if everything is not being managed by us alone, then you can adopt a travel plan or travel insurance.


  • The premium for travel insurance depends on the age, sum insured, duration of the trip, place to visit and individual policy benefits etc. The premium for which is calculated on the basis of travel period, per day. This is a handy feature that you can take advantage of immediately. Online buying of travel insurance also proves to be very convenient.
  • To avoid all these troubles, travel insurance is a better option, which not only protects you from all the troubles in the journey, but also compensates for the loss caused by the problem on the way. Through this facility, you can easily cover the loss caused in the journey.
  • Along with this, if there is a delay in travel due to travel delays such as flight delay or flight cancellation, then travel insurance proves to be helpful to you in this. Not only this, the expenses incurred during that time such as the cost of food and drink, the cost of staying in the hotel are also covered in this.
  • Insurance helps you cover even if a passenger’s luggage is lost, stolen while traveling. The loss of the bag is also covered in this.
  • If there is an accidental death during the journey, in that case also it is covered in the policy of travel insurance. In this, the coverage is available according to the circumstances in which the death occurred.
  • Even if a family member falls ill during the journey, someone has an accident, all the hospital expenses are covered under travel insurance. This includes the main hospital bill, ambulance cost, doctor’s fee.

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