If you one of those people who derive joy in attacking single women, someone is not laughing at those things you do to lampoon them.

She is Cordelia Okpei, a media personality who recently slammed men who are of the tradition of always bashing single women.

She took to Facebook to throw a swipe at judgemental men who put single women on the spot.

”Some of you men are beginning to annoy me. A woman can’t make an observation or state her own point of view without one of you saying things like, ‘that is why she is not married…that is why they will remain old spinsters in their father’s house…’ Rubbish. Are you God?”

“If you can’t have a proper discussion, without throwing such jabs, stay on your lane. How many of you are even taking care of the fortunate women you married? Many of these ladies are taking care of everything but come out to declare in public how you are the supplier. Stay your lane o” she wrote.

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