S.ex for grades has become a plague in Nigeria’s educational system and female students are not the only victims of this unwholesome bias. while some people choose to live in denial of it being a reality, Faith is not one to be shocked by tales of philandering lecturers. The 22-year-old undergraduate of Ebonyi State University laments the disgusting and brazen attempt to deliberately offend the sensibilities of female students by randy lecturers.

The undergrad, cited the example of a lecturer from History and International Relations department (name withheld) at EBSU, who bragged about his s.exual prowess and describe his victims as cold in bed, not even sparing anyone the lurid details of his absurd and act before he was reportedly suspended. Also, another female undergraduate of Imo State University (IMSU) reveals the strategy deployed by one of her lecturers to take advantage of his female students.

The 200 Level student, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said a Human Anatomy lecturer, having known how poorly students have done in his tests and examinations would deliberately give assignments and ask that they be submitted individually. According to her, there and then he would tell female students to help themselves by having it with him by choosing their preferred choice between his office and a hotel. “There is this lecturer that takes us in Human Anatomy. He is dark, short and pot-bellied. He doesn’t joke with his assignment and attendance but I think it’s all to keep eyes off him. He doesn’t know how to teach or should I say lecture? Then, when you go to his office to submit your attendance, that’s where he picks his girls. He asks us to submit individually and he is usually attracted to slim, fair girls. “If he likes you, right there he would request for s.ex or ask you to arrange your meeting with him in a hotel. If you agree, he would sleep with you and also make sure you fail if you don’t bribe him, but if you refuse, he would make sure you continue failing his course till it becomes a spill over. She added: “If he says you will fail, there is nothing you can do to change his mind, not even s.ex which he would accept. He would always say “I’m in-charge, nobody can stop me.”

He tells us stories about his childhood, his growing up, et al. After all that he will tell you that he is in-charge and there is nothing anyone can do, not even our VC. ” For a Psychologist, Dr. John Etim, Nigerians should not lose sight of the fact that male students are also s.exually harassed by female lecturers. Etim tells the story of a close friend during his days at the University of Calabar. “I had this acquaintance who was compelled by one of our young female lecturers then to sleep with her. She knew this guy was a cultist and that was enough instrument of blackmail for her. She didn’t stop with him. This guy’s friends also got her laid and she generously blessed them with marks.’’

Excerpt from Daily Times