One of the women who are fighting a good cause on women’s rights, r.ape and abuse in all ramifications, Esther Ijewere of Women of Rubies penned some things down on her Facebook page and I think it makes sense. Ladies, read it and pass it to others to learn from this before reporting that ‘R.APE case!

“There is a pattern in all the recent r.ape cases I have seen online;

– They all go to Shoprite, Dominos or some mall first before heading home.

– They all get down with blow job before the main thing

– All four stories, at least those have seen, the women always make sure they get the pleasure first, then later withdraw consent.

– Save for the last one presently been debated online, the accused of the previous ones are men with things at stake for them publicly e.g. Unilagolodo

– The victims post the stories online but the moment the accused slam them with a law suit they back off or frizzled out, I have had to personally reach out to two of them on Twitter to ask why they made all the noise online but withdraw later and they never reply, Blessing Timidi Digha who has had her fair share of this as well.

My take:

Men; when a woman withdraws consent at any point of the intercourse please STOP, as in control that Konji, I know it’s not easy to come down from mountain Everest after climbing but do all you can to STOP.

Ladies; come closer and let’s talk, see if you know you are not down for the “panachukwu” level , don’t initiate it all, yes you have the power to ask a man to STOP at any point but remember the same nature that made you hold him tight and scream faster till you climax and spill the juice is the same one that works with his instrument, when he is about to cum.

Also, if you didn’t ask him to stop during the intercourse, gave your FULL CONSENT and there was mutual understanding but well you feel bad you let him have his way easily don’t scream rape , that’s regret sex. 2 in 10 women experience this, especially when you’ve played hard to get.

Lastly, when truly you have a Case of Rape the first place to come is not social media , go to the hospital to seek medical help first, get counselling and seek justice, if after all this you decide to bring it online then it’s fine, that way you have all your facts and evidence.

S.ex is sweet ONLY when it’s consensual, bros if a woman says NO then keep your pants up, NO means NO.”

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