An 18-year old boy is in a dilemma as you are reading this. He forwarded a mail to telling us about a girl he has developed interest in but who unfortunately doesn’t give a hoot about him because she has something strong for his brother.

Do you have any advice for him?

I am JJ based in Abuja, I am 18 years, undergraduate. I really like this girl but her best friend likes me and she likes my brother. I don’t like her best friend and my brother does not like her either. I’ve been very confused and just wish she has feelings for me instead of my brother. The thing is she does come off a little flirty with me, so I don’t know what to think. Any advice? Thoughts of her has taken over my mind and right now, i am a bit depressed. Do I just try and forget about her? I stumbled on your site yesterday and I kind of like it hoping someone here will hear me out and help me from losing my mind.

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