Jealousy, no doubt, is a disease of the brain, until one is healed of it, one will remain sick for life. It’s also a lack of self-confidence and trust in a relationship. In this story, we really do not understand why someone can be so unhappy and unsatisfied in their own life that they have to create drama just to be noticed.

This is what a beautiful lady submitted on her Facebook wall; “My jealous husband did this to my phone, just because I couldn’t give him its password. The phone is mine for crying out loud, what should I do?”

He said I should come and watch him slice it as onions I taught he was joking .he then took cutlass and hit the phone so hard it divided into two. This is my privacy, can’t I have privacy in my home?”

Do you think the man did the right thing? Drop your OPINION

Source: Tochi O . On Rant

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