These days larger percent of the men folks cheat in their relationships and marriages having several s.ex partners. They do this because they are ignorant of the implication of their actions. Having multiple s.ex partners has its own drawback and it’s definitely leaves the player or players in a sorry state.


It has been observed that some Guys have s.ex with many ladies, i.e multiple s.ex partners.

There are some guys that have more than five girlfriends; Some Guys have many Bed-Mates;
Such Guys deceive Ladies and take them to bed. Such a Guy pretends to love a lady, takes the lady to bed and sleeps with her and then dumps her. After dumping her, he goes to another lady and repeat the same thing again.
#The fact is this:
S.ex is as deadly as it is sweet.
Premarital s.ex is dangerous.
Be careful about the people you have s.ex with. There are some Ladies that destroy destiny after having s.ex with them.
The more you sleep with many Ladies, the more your destiny is destroyed.
Sleeping with many girls causes stagnation and set-back in your
business, job, academics and delay of blessing. This is why so many Men are not progressing and things are not moving well with them.

Avoid multiple s.ex partners. It is not every beautiful lady you see on the road that is human being. Some of these ladies are agents of the devil. They are sent to the earth to sleep with men and destroy the destiny of men.
#Dear MEN,
Control your s.ex urge.
You are killing yourself.

Condom can only prevent diseases but it can not prevent the spiritual negative effect of s.ex.
Your erection should not control your direction.
I know many guys will be mad at me now, but is well…

By Regina Jane.

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