A 32-year old woman has found love in the heart of a 17-year old teenager. Yes, they are both married and the union is recently blessed with a child. Dating a younger woman is a status symbol; men aren’t the only ones who date younger people these days.

It is certainly possible for people of widely disparate ages to love each other; what tends to intervene in the love fest is the growing maturity of the younger person as the young age often changes dramatically. A child of 17 is nothing like the adult he will become even five years later.

A middle-aged man dating a much younger woman has long been thought of in American culture as a classic sign of midlife crisis. Africa is yet to fully embrace this culture, however, the trends in Nigeria is that most of these younger lovers (boys) tend to be reckless as they often turn the woman to an ATM machine. They get feeds from the older women to feed the ones that share social standing with them. Too bad!

Most times, the players of this game are being carried away by illusion. They don’t often go too far because falling in love is easy but when they both realize that what they are missing is not having a same-age social circle, the centre holds no more.

What’s your take on this couple? Can you date a younger lover? If you had, what’s your experience like?

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