It all started immediately after leaving secondary school.  As it was the practice then and which is still the practice today, I left my serene abode in Port Novo  to come and seek for greener and lustier pasture in the  city having been regaled  by too good to be true tales of  opportunities and  life of affluence  the city dweller  enjoys.

It was with these beautiful stories about the city life securely locked in my memory that I set out for the journey that eventually brought me down to Lagos.  So say that I felt lost and more like an alien on getting to Lagos will just be stating the obvious.  Harmed with nothing but few clothes and some novels with which to keep me busy  as reading novels was one of my hobbies, I decided to pass  my first night at a school mates home who facilitated my coming down in the first instance. Oh, forgive my folly I got carried away with the excitement of having the medium to express myself. I am Sylvester, Sly as called by all.  Henry welcomed me with open arms and introduced me to other members of his close knit warm family. I had little or no problem in settling in with Henry’s family having cultivated a long and strong relationship with their son.

Before long I became an adopted family member.  Doing and having virtually everything together and in common, was there really anything I lacked, of course none, every waking day I continue to thank my stars and God for giving me just wonderful people as a blessing. With time, I got a job in an event rental company as one of the sales rep, I happen to be a witting and good looking guy of just 20 years.

My job with the rental company gave me more credence with the family, everyone was always eager to welcome me back home after each day’s job, not for any other reason but to regal them with happenstance of that day. In short it was a family ritual for all to be gathered in the living room to share banters and generally have a good laugh before retiring for the day.

As time went on, once in a while our family nightly banters gets more personal not just for me but for everyone in the house as soon as our parents are out of hearing range. Aside Henry’s parents, he had two elder sisters, Vera and Julie.  Both of the girls are students of higher institutions With Julie being an on campus student as her school was outside the state. Poor me, If only I had known what was being harbored for me by the sisters I would have long kept to myself as my naivety was grossly played on.

I can still remember vividly that it was after washing and clearing up after dinner, about to retire for the day, as I made to enter the room I share with Henry, he called out to me from the living room that there is an interesting movie going on, on the screen. I joined him and together we were watching   the movie before we were joined by Julie. By this time I was already lying down on the couch, why she choose to come and take a seat by me I will never know, she never asked me to get up, all she did was to lift my legs from my lying down position, sat down and placed my legs on her laps. .

Nature it is said can never be cheated, how and when I slept off cannot be explained. To my consternation I only awoke to see I had a bulge between my legs, looking around me, there was no Henry but just Julie and I. She hushed me taking me by the hand while leading me to her room, till date I still feel it is more of a trance than a reality.

She asked me to take off all my clothes and share her bed with her, what transpired thereafter can only be imagined as she stole my innocence that night and exposed me to what goes on between the opposite s.ex  while under the sheets. This is just the beginning………….