Update on the woman who jumped into lagoon

as gathered from the grapevine is that, the husband-s name is Tunde who works with Access Bank. He did a DNA test for three of his kids last week and it was discovered that none of them is his and that led to her committing suicide yesterday by jumping in the lagoon.

She’s US based, married with 3 kids. Until her desth, she lived in Texas, US. It was ssid that she got involved with another guy in Nigeria and they both got involved in series of adulterous activities.

Her lover, an older guy as well swindled or collected over N10m from her.
She went to arrest him only for him to publish nude pictures of them together in order to prove his innocence to the Police that whatever happened between both of them was consensual, that he’s not a fraudster as claimed by the married woman.

The blackmail from the man got to her husband and this compelled the husband to conduct a DNA test on all his three children which later turned out that they are not all his kids. Those kids belong to someone else.

On Saturday, 9th of June, 2018, the woman drove her truck, Ford Explorer APP 190 CE to the bridge, parked her Ford SUV van on the 3rd Mainland Bridge and jumped inside the lagoon on a suicide mission which is a resultant effect of the blackmail.

Bad market/bad business/dirty game. She’s gone and the kids are left in the hands of strangers to be taken care of. Lesson to learn is there is nothing hidden under this heaven. Whatever a man or woman sow so shall he or she reap.

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