They say the two cannot work together unless they agree, but for this two estranged lovers, their union is already causing a lot of uproar on social media. This 39 year-old woman who has just gotten married to a 19 year-old boy has become a topic of discussion as you are reading this and we really do not know the reason for the buzzing.

Many, though, have rated their affair illicit, weird, and ridiculous but is there really anything abnormal in marrying a younger lover? But, If a girl of 19 could be betrothed to a man of 70 years, we do not really see any big deal in it if the case is reversed.

As someone put that it would have been more comfy if the boy was a young adult and not a teenager, because soon he becomes a man and would not think he was being pushed by Juvenal exuberance… He would actually stand his ground or find words to ditch the marriage…

Do you see this happening? Let’s hear your views please.

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