1. A woman has divorced the man she has been married to for 10 years – The woman claimed that her husband is an illiterate – It was gathered that he sponsored her education right from secondary school A Zambian woman identified as Maria Tembo has divorced her husband who has reportedly supported her throughout their ten years of marriage.
    The woman told the court that she wants to leave her husband because he is an illiterate. It was gathered that the man identified as Vincent paid for Tembo’s education right from her last year in Junior Secondary School to her years in the university. Tembo revealed to the court that she wants to leave her husband because her friends make fun of her that she is married to an illiterate. She reportedly divorced the man to marry someone she met in the university. Zambian lady divorces her illiterate husband after he paid for her education
    According to Zambian media reports, the couple had gotten married in 1997 and Vincent had sold his house in 1995 in other to pay for her school. The court granted her the divorce and ordered her to pay her ex-husband K10,000 (N359,600) for leaving him after he sacrificed 10 years of his life for her.
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