For songstress Tiwa Savage, there is no perfect union and neither can one find a relationship that goes in tune with the fairy tale line of ‘and they both lived happily ever after’.  This definitely must have been the reality of living in the real world away from fantasies and epic romantic and novel story lines.

Tiwa did what was best for her as the ordinary girl next door and not what the popular opinion was about her as a celebrity.

Yes, the news of the crisis which rocked her marriage in 2016 made both local and international headlines with both Tiwa and Teeblizz, her husband, venting through all available platforms.

That was then, now, Tiwa and Teeblizz are back together in the warm embrace of one another and to the goodness of their union and the love for their son, Jamil Balogun.

What a wise decision from both of them to mend the broken walls! We hope other couples going through similar crisis will take a cue from them, cry it out, talk it over, forgive each other and come back together again. Sure, everyone deserves another chance!

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