Managing your relationship with your partner is not a walk in the park, there will be good times, wonderful memories, joy, pain, anger and even times when you begin to ask yourself what you were thinking when you chose this person to be your partner (chuckles) but you must keep in mind that for every misunderstanding in a relationship, there is a solution. The question is: ARE YOU READY TO MAKE SACRIFICES? Learning how to apologize the right way to your partner after a misunderstanding will further endear you to them

Everyone has ways they’d prefer to be treated and spoken to. You need to discover these about your partner because being able to deal with misunderstandings the right way with him or her will do magic in your relationship.

A lot of folks find it hard to say they are sorry when they are in the wrong but will rather show they are sorry by buying gifts, giving treats, trying to be funny or manipulating their partner into apologizing or even not care how their partner feels.

Let me begin by saying: it is absolutely wrong to be too proud to apologize when you’re wrong, manipulate your partner or find easy ways out instead of dealing with the issues at hand. We need to come to term with the fact that a committed relationship is never about us as individuals but us as a team.

It’s not a “me” game but an “us” game. There is a saying that goes: No one has ever choked to death from swallowing his or her pride. Pride as we know can destroy any relationship no matter how long you have been together or how much you claim to love each other. The inability to deal with misunderstandings and offences properly can create resentment and a toxic relationship.

It is of utmost importance to know how to deal with offences and misunderstandings when they occur. Be quick to seek reconciliation and never take your partner’s wish for reconciliation for granted.

Listen while your partner speaks his or her mind and be sure to apologize afterwards (in every misunderstanding, you are both right hence, you speak your mind and you’re both wrong so you apologize) and mean it. After you have done these, you can go ahead to buy gifts and give treats which will at this point be appreciated WHOLEHEARTEDLY