I am a Nurse. And I’ve been in this profession for 8 years I have never seen anything like this. Maybe i have heard, maybe I have seen cases of r.ape. This one is too big I decided to share.

I was attending to a 4-year old boy yesterday, he was down with malaria after all the test and examining was done, I was instructed to give him injection prescribed by the doctor.

After all said and done, I called the aunt that brought this boy to assist in holding the boy for injection. Immediately the boy started crying hard and was shrugging his shoulders saying he doesn’t like his aunt.

Kids being Kids, I was able to pet him, then I asked the aunt to leave the room, beating her playfully. I held this boy and after injecting him he said “I want to tell you something, my ‘peepee’ is paining me. My aunt does something on it that makes me cry” Then he began crying. I asked in details and I was terrified by all what this little boy uttered.

Immediately I alerted other nurses. The doctor as well and we arranged the aunt being locked up in a room prior to that time we requested for the number of the boy’s mother, lying to the aunt that it was urgent. She said the boy’s mother has been out of town but we didn’t let that stop us from getting to reach her to meet us at the hospital as her son’s life is in serious great danger

The boy was examined and behold it was discovered that he has been abused severally.
We called the police immediately and the aunt was arrested
This is so heartbreaking for me.. Poor boy!

For those of you who leave your innocent children in the hands of strangers, i hope this will serve as a lesson to you all. Even your little boy is not safe in the hand of an nymphomania aunt. Bewared!

If you find your little boy in this situation, how can you manage such a situation? Let’s help a friend out!

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