If you cheat on your girl, then you’re weak. It means that you’re a weak man. Look, if you’re unhappy, then leave. If you’re bored, then leave. If you’re losing feelings, then leave. You’re not supposed to stay while you’re unhappy, bored, or losing feelings and cheat on her because that’ll only make you feel better temporarily while it will permanently ruin the trust that’s been built between you and your girl and that’s something that will never come back and even if it does, it’s not gonna be the same and it’ll be something that her heart really wants to forgive you for, but her mind won’t ever let her forget it. Would you like to know why cheating makes you weak, though?

It shows that you’re insecure, you’re easily manipulated, and you aren’t strong enough to fight temptation. It displays how you aren’t capable of commitment and you don’t know how to give loyalty to someone who’s given it to you. It proves that you want to be loved, but you aren’t able to really love someone else because how could you do that to someone you love? You don’t. You just don’t. That is exactly why you’ll end up with nothing because you’re thinking you could find something better and you want more than what you already have, but you’ve forgotten that everything you need is already there and once you lose that, it’ll be too late to realize you fu.cked up knowing that you actually cheated yourself from being with an amazing girl.