A Ghanaian lady is still nursing an old wound. She gave her all to a guy but the guy ended up betraying her trust and love. He dumped her like a used, worn out, piece of cloth. What really happened is not something that should be encouraged. Real men don’t treat ladies like that. Her story is an eye opener.

“He just came back from abroad where he went to bag his PhD degree, i camped him in my two-bedroom apartment, gave him my car to drive while i jumped taxis. I gave him my food because he was jobless but with his PhD degree, i saw potentials.

To ease myself of the stress of taking taxis to work because of my man’s comfort, i applied for a car loan which i was entitled to, and it was granted after two weeks. He then asked me to use his name to register the second car; he said if he bought his, he would use my name.

Mumu like me, i almost agreed but for a neigbour/friend who later told about what has been going on behind me that actually opened my eyes to reality. She told me about how my own supposed-to-be husband has been coming to my house with different shades  and shape of ladies when i am away at work. I was not only angry, i almost ran mad, if not for the will of God, i would have remained heartbroken for life.

Now, it’s a case of once beaten, twice shy. I don’t even give guys any attention anymore. No matter how handsome, rich, tall and appealing you are, i don’t play into their hands because i have learnt my lesson from my mistakes the hard way.”

What have you done for love that has made you heart hardened? Share and let others learn from you!

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