I met this guy at the school bus shed. And we eventually entered the same bus to town. This guy kept disturbing me, requesting for my mobile number that he would love to have me as his friend.

I alighted at my bus stop, and this stubborn fellow alighted with me. At this point I was boiling because all the while I was in the bus he kept talking and spiting at my face.
I ignored him totally, and I kept walking down to my hostel. He held my hands begging and to let him off I finally gave him my mobile number because I didn’t want him to know my house at all.

It was until then he backed off, I got home, did some chores and I decided to sleep. At exactly 8pm I got a call. Hurriedly I picked, lo and behold it was him.
We kept talking for days he would hook up with me at my department and we would talk for hours. He then started disturbing me to visit him at his hostel and vice versa and I was always declining.

One day he called and started telling me how he had grown fond of me and how much he loved me and would love me to be his girlfriend. Immediately I thought of something to say and I told him I had a boyfriend and that all I could offer was friendship. I was surprised he hung up just immediately I said so.

I wasn’t moved anyway because I never liked him. Days passed and I never heard from him. At this time I was happy that he had finally left. Until one night I got messages from him saying I used and dumped him and he was going to revenge. I then called him to comfort and explain to him that all we had was friendship and nothing more.

On this fateful day I was on my way to class and I heard my name from behind. On looking back a guy waved saying I dropped my money on the floor and when I moved closer to him he drew a knife wanting to stab me. Somehow I was able to move backwards fast enough, I never knew one of the school security was watching the man raised alarm, and he fled.

Right now I am back home to my parents house still in shock and fear to step my feet back into the school.

Now, i have been receiving anonymous call threatening me that my life is not safe. The caller also warned never to report to my parents or the police if i still have my life to live. And that their eyes are on me 24/7 should i try anything funny.

They also said that should their guy get into any trouble with me, they would redesign my face with acid.

I am really at crossroads and don’t know how exactly to get out of this shit i just put myself into.

Any help?

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