A 26 year-old lady who lost her father at a young age and had to live at the mercy of relatives, has cried out after her 36-year-old uncle brutalized her in Abuja.

Maimuna Muhammed revealed that her father’s relatives collected all they had after her father died and her mother was forced to move back to her family with her children. But she had to endure insults from her brothers’ wives even though she was solely responsible for her children’s upkeep. Maimuna had enough of the insults thrown at her mum and decided to stand up for her mum and this led to her being brutally beaten by her mum’s younger brother.

Sharing photos of her bruised skin and the uncle who battered her, Maimuna wrote:

Today I wanted to write about my late dad then this happened to me…I am 26 years old and my uncle (mums youngest brother) did this to me. I lost my dad at the age of three that’s in 1995 in a ghastly motor accident, like the typical African ways that seemed like culture, my dad’s family took everything from us, and my mums abandoned with five of us. I am the last…

To cut the whole story short, we’ve lived our lives being grateful to my mum’s family for accepting us as my mum didn’t re-marry even though she was 100% responsible for our school fee, feeding, clothing.

All of this has been with a lot of challenges, we’ve watched our mum took no decision for us without her immediate families’ consent, we’ve watched our mum been insulted by the wives of her brothers and we did or said nothing, we’ve watched her step sisters and her children said and did ugly things to her and we said nor did nothing, just as not to be labelled as ungrateful people.

But today,  I was beating this much by my mum’s younger brother, the one who lived under our roof while my dad was still alive and even after his death, one that all the days he lived with us, he has never helped my mum carry a cup of water.

Why, because I stood for my mum, because I said enough is enough, 23 years of tolerance is enough because my mum takes it no matter what, as she loves her siblings dearly but the reverse is the case.

The person that did this to me is 36 years old, a man I lend money when he needs, a man that calls me late at night to make him quick noodles and I did…, and he’s a man that also beats his girlfriend that has paid his school fee several times.

I know my social status but I just have to post this as if it concerns my mother, I will put my life on the line and this will not stop me. The man that did this to me (my Uncle) his name is Abdulmajeed and I will be posting his picture soon. Stop the abuse against Women, widows, orphans…

# letlovelead????? my name is Maimuna Muhammed.

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