A female from the RantHQ is in dilemma about how to choose one out of the three me who have signified their interests in marrying her. She is at crossroads to choose the best. Her story below will only tell you what she is going through at the moment.

“Please I need this advice before I go mad, post anonymous, I am 26 years, I have three guys in my life, the first has been doing everything for me, has promised to marry me but he womanizes alot and when I complain, he will tell me am the one he loves that’s why he is taking care of my need.

The second is caring but when we met he told me about his girlfriend, all of a sudden he is talking about loving me and wanting to marry me.

The third one is base abroad, we met in Nigeria when he came to open a business venture, he said that he wants to come back home fully. At the earlt stage of our relationship he didn’t talk about marriage but he came back on Monday, saying he wants me to get pregnant for him first because he wants to marry me.

Please what do I do? I need your candid advice now”

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