So many people think marriage is all about joy, laughter, enjoyment romance, and so on and so forth, little did many know that the container of marriage is always empty, it’s the duty of the players of the game of love to fill it with all kinds of things they desire. However, they should always have it at the back of their hands that, what they give in is what they get back- garbage in, garbage out!

The amount you put into something always determines the amount you get back.

In an endearing relationship, couples are saddled with the responsibility of making a larger deposit of lovely things into their ‘marriage bank’ to guarantee them sufficient withdrawals for a rich relationship.

There is no love in marriage, love is in people and people put love into marriage. There is no romance in marriage; people have to infuse it into their marriages. A couple must form the habit of giving, loving, serving, praising and keeping the box full.

When this is observed, then you can have the best in your home. May the spirit of love fill your home with abundant grace for the race. Amen

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