This is to all of my single sisters out there who are looking for “Mr. Right”…. A man doesn’t want a desperate woman who chases after him. He wants a woman with confidence that catches his eye and his heart.

So remove all the extra makeup, put on all the clothes that are missing, get yourself together (education, hygiene, manners, finances, employment), walk with your own beauty and dignity. Know that you are worth so much more than what they see.

Make them want to know your mind more than your midriff. Don’t chase after them, let them come to you. And just like they want you to have something to offer, make sure they also have something to offer so if things work out, it isn’t a parasitic relationship. Don’t settle and don’t quit.

Take care of yourself first, then someone will want to take care of you in a committed relationship.

But mostly, PRAY PRAY PRAY!!!!!

-Okpe Victoria

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