Love, they say is a beautiful thing. Those who have experienced love before it was taken away from them would definitely not condemn appreciate another one if thrust to them.  But for some women who really do not know how to make their husband happy, these 7 sweet but simple secrets should be the ingredients to apply so that you can feel the sweetness in your marriage this year 2018.

  1. Compliment Him: Pour accolades on him at every necessary time. Let him know that he’s the only paint that has coloured your world and beautify it with love, care and attention
  2. Tell Him You Appreciate What He Does For You And Your Family: Try and have a sense of appreciation, don’t be an ingrate, make him your lord, king and crown.
  3. Make Time For Things To Get Hot In The Bedroom: It’s your duty to give him the best styles and place him on your hot plate as long as you want it. Doing this will make him turn Oliver Twist; and will always look forward to having a repeat of the match. Make him think of no one else but you.
  4. Be Supportive Of His Alone Time: In a man’s life, there are always down and low moments. When he’s experience a face in his business, it’s your duty as the better-half to support him morally, financially and prayerfully.
  5. Put Down Your Phone: Slay queens will always have all kinds of lock placed on their mobile phones. Men tend to see this as an insult. Let’s not talk about having your privacy, your man is your number one privacy, so, not making him have access to your phone is a sign that you are keeping something away from him. Remember your vow, for better, for worse….and the two shall become one.
  6. When You Get Something For Yourself, Get Something For Him, Too: Some women have lived all their lives getting from their husband, they have never for once thought of surprising them with a gift except on special days. Nothing stops you getting a gift for him when you have go for shopping. This act makes men feel they have the best partner who is supportive in all manners.
  7. Look Him In The Eyes: When you are in bed together, always look him straight in the eyes, and don’t stop doing that even when you are both talking. When looking up into his eyes, it’s a sign of checking on him if all is well. If he understands to be a daily routine, he will always tell you what he’s going through and won’t ever want to lie or hurt you with any harsh words.

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