Why does our society justifiy a good wife by the amount of suffering she passes through?
Judging with the level of civilization the world is experiencing, some group of people in Africa still think a woman is a better as wife material because she can put a keg of water on her head, or grind a basket of pepper on a stone, or cook meals with firewood and the likes.

Tell me is suffering and hardship synonymous to being a good wife? At this level when women strive to get educated or to acquire a skill, with all the stress, every woman’s dream is to become successful in life… To make life easier and worth living.
If a woman cannot afford basic things, it comes out to be a disgrace to her, her struggle and family.

I’ve read stories of how a man tested his fiancee by asking her to sleep in the kitchen and she obeyed and then he was convinced he could marry her. What do we call that?

So was the issue all over the place months back that a woman that cannot cook soup with N500 is not a good wife material, so i ask, how many men can build a room with N10,000 naira?

Yes, as a woman, you ought to be able to manage your home properly when there isn’t much fund. But men, it’s time you don’t see this as a test to knowing an ideal woman and start slamming her with poverty and suffering. H.ell No!

Poverty and suffering on purpose is punishment and it shouldn’t be condoned. I’ve heard people say if their son brings home a wife they will test her by giving her bundles of clothes to wash, and other house chores to do. Don’t be surprised you will Marry your son at last. Whose daughter do you want to enslave???

Don’t judge a good wife with how well she can absorb poverty and suffering. A good wife is someone who will love and support her husband at all times.