Policy Bonus: Keep these things in mind while buying an insurance policy, otherwise it may cost you

Insurance policy secures our future. In this era of Corona crisis, the importance of insurance policy has increased a lot. People are also cheated in the name of selling insurance, you need to be careful about it.
Cheating in the name of policy bonus

Prabhat Shukla of Lucknow got a call from unknown number last Friday. In this phone, he was told that IRDA has announced bonus on his insurance policy. Shukla got greedy after hearing about the bonus of ₹ 20,000 on the amount of ₹ 1,00,000 deposited as premium in the insurance policy. Shukla accepted the matter of depositing a fee of ₹ 5000 in lieu of getting the bonus amount. After this he put ₹ 5000 in the mentioned account through net banking. A new insurance policy came to him after a few days. When he called that number again, it started going off. After this Shukla understood that he had been cheated in the name of bonus.

Don’t trust agent’s claim

If you are also going to buy an insurance policy, then today we are going to tell you some important things that you must keep in mind while buying an insurance policy. Before buying any kind of insurance policy, the most important thing is that you check the veracity of every claim of the insurance agent yourself. Insurance agents usually make huge claims in order to sell the policy to the customers. If you are buying an insurance policy online, read about its features in detail. If you do not understand the details of the policy itself, then you should find out about it from a knowledgeable person around you.

Don’t just sign the policy

Often insurance agents also say that only you sign, I will do everything else. It is true that the insurance agent is only a close person or friend of yours, but do not blindly trust his words. Before signing on the policy document, you must check its details. Remember that insurance agents tell you only what you like. Often they do not give technical details, so check every claim of the insurance agent yourself. Only then take a decision on buying the policy.

call the insurance company

Gather your own information about any insurance product. For this, the easiest solution is to call the insurance company. There are 24-hour toll free numbers of insurance companies available. By calling on these numbers, you can collect all the information related to the policy. If you have doubts on any claim of the agent, then immediately call the phone number of the insurance company and get the correct information.

don’t be fooled

Nowadays, getting fake calls in the name of insurance has become a big problem. Fake caller can lure you with big offers. Such people make you false promises like huge bonus, interest free loan on the policy. You should buy the policy from the authentic insurance channel only. If there is a plan to buy an online policy, then check whether the domain of the website of the insurance company is genuine or not.

Caution in paying the policy

With the increase in the trend of digital payment in the country, fraud related to it has also increased. If you are buying an insurance policy, then you need to be careful while making the premium payment. One of the most effective ways to avoid fraud is to choose a secure payment option. Avoid cash payment for the policy premium. Pay through cheque, debit and credit cards or online. Doing so helps in keeping records of transactions. You have a proof to whom you have given money.

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