It’s very important to take note of some habits, no matter how little, in your man or woman when you guys are still courting. If there is anything you are not comfortable with, the earlier to spell it out the better. No one can patch marriage; no one can change what cannot be changed, only God can.

It’s occasionally that a marriage is marooned overnight. It is more likely that the little cracks and red flags in the relationship have been ignored and allowed to deteriorate until the marriage got beyond repair.

The best advice I will give to you is to try and recognize the trouble signs and addressed at an early stage, a marriage can be rescued and restored to good health if only you take cognizance of some things which might later end up becoming big.

When it comes to picking a life partner in marriage, you need more than a prayer to be able to choose right. To some, s3x can destroy their home, to many, lack of communication to mention a few. The fear of the unknown and insecurity is what keep many hanging on in there. “If I leave, how will I cope?”

These chat between these two people has evidently shown that they are not meant for each other.

What are these two people doing together? No love or respect for each other. They obviously hate each other. How did they arrive at this point? One can really pretend during courtship and it’s only after marriage you find out the true devil in disguise that you really marry. It takes two to tangle. They both lack the poise, the balance, the preparation of what marriage really stands for. They need to file for divorce and go their separate ways. Nothing good can come out of this unholy union.

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