Acting on her doctor’s advice, a Nigerian woman flew to Texas to deliver her pregnancy. The woman who is a little bit advance in age gave birth to quadruplets at the American Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of  Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital on June 1 2018.

The quads, three adorable girls and a boy; Mercy Grace Dotuchowo, Adriel Wohuowo, Amaris Owopoha and Zephania Ohoyenta with two weighing less than three pounds and two others weighing a little less than four pounds.

The quadruplet spent several weeks in the Level III NICU before they were allowed to leave the hospital after being wrapped in the American Stripes and Stars on July 4 to commemorate America’s Independence day. Linda Agi, the mother to the quads told she flew from Nigeria to Texas on the advice of her doctor, who said because she was over 40 and having four children at once, there was not adequate care available for her in her home country.

She and her husband Thomas saved up for flights and expected medical bills, and went to stay with Thomas’ sister in Houston. To ensure they continued earning money, Thomas flew with her so he could meet her doctor and returned home to work.

Linda said as the birth approached, she became anemic and was frightened of what would happen but was so grateful for her OBGYN Dr. Rachna Bhala. “I had a rough time, but thank god for Dr Bhala, who wasn’t scared for even a moment,” she said.

According to a Facebook post shared by Linda’s niece, the new parents are falling heavily into debt to pay for their mounting hospital bills. Mary Ogbeh said the couple have sold cars, and their apartment to keep on top of their payments, but are not sure how they will provide for their children when Linda and the babies return home in a month.

“(Linda) can’t fly back to Nigeria with the quads until they are about two months old,” she wrote. “She has been besides herself, looking for how she would care for them in that period of time.”

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