Single ladies and gentlemen your attention is needed here. When asked what tribe or state in Nigeria you prefer to be from the underlisted states, which one would you go for?

Below are the tribes and states in Nigeria and their area of specialisation when it comes to relationships, s.ex, love life and level of socialising etc.

Lagosians – They are the social elites, all full of paparazzi and can never cease to flaunt their relationship on social media.

Ogun guys and chicks: sometimes people refer to them as scammers and fraudsters when it comes to relationships because they always find the easiest way possible to collect all the collectables from their partners without giving anything in return.

Ekiti bae’s and boo’s – These are always the stubborn partners in relationships. They always argue and quarrel with their partners all the time. They can’t tolerate being taken for granted by their partners.

Cross-Rivers Indigene- Naturally ‘s.exholics”They are well-known for their expertise in s.ex. They can engage in long hours of s.exual activities without getting tired.

The Hausas- The dense ones in relationships that always get hurt at the end of the day. Most times they are at the loosing end because they love too much, trust too much, care too much.

Igbo’s generally- They are the extra caring set of partners and spouses Nigeria ever got. They do all their best to provide everything their partners want.

Keep the fun rolling, add your tribe/state and include your area of specialisation. Make use of the comment box now

Note: Readers are not allowed to take offence at the above statements as it is only for fun.

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