Some of her fans who have known her to be crazy like a bee will find it so hard to believe that this is coming from the desk of the beautiful Tinsel actress, April Joju Muse.

Since the beginning of this year, she has been putting up posts to restore the home to the original state- Love and peace. This her recent post, however, is not to support feminism as she’s known for, but to rebooot the system of some women  out there who think men are something else…enjoy your reading…

“To be honest, some women are demonic in nature especially in their homes and manner at which they treat their husbands,but to outsiders and social media,they are the best creatures with the warmest of hearts. But the man is supposed to “accept” it because he’s a man,and men are not wired to complain or nag… and the society we find ourselves,very judgemental and patchy in nature,everything is a “sin” including walking away from emotional and psychological abuse that one has suffered and endured for so long. Too many long sufferers and unstable people roaming this same damaged “society”…what a pity. little wonder alot of men cheat at the slightest opportunity, majority wallowing in all sorts of depression ;raring deadly habits to take their minds off a painful and unstable home. Dont forget the home is the bedrock of the society. Never compare your husband or kids to others.

Not justifying adultery and all that, but my advice to women out there… be your husband’s peace, the reason he’s eager to close off work everyday. Mending your home is going to help mend the society at large. No perfect anything, but with love, forgiveness, patience, respect, self love and self value, alot will be achieved.

Most guys head straight to pubs and keep “funny company” either because theyre not on the same frequency with their spouses or there’s one issue or the other that two grown adults cant solve without calling the entire family, getting abusive or some sort of emotional blackmail.

Guys, endeavour to go for the women of your choice,not who was prescribed for you by your ego,family,society or peers. Save real women the stress of having to deal with some immaturity,anger or regret of your mistakes.
Please, communicate… sign language and cold treatment helps no home. Speak in one voice, and help groom a loving Nation.”