Motor Floater Policy

Having separate insurance for more than one vehicle can get you rid of it very quickly. Under this, you will be able to take cover for all your vehicles in a single motor insurance policy. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) has approved the introduction of ‘Floater Motor Insurance Policy’.

Saving money: The new policy will get a higher cover amount at a lower premium than a single policy. Insurance companies are planning to provide app based service. Insurance experts say that this will also save money over time. Calculation of premium for new policy is in progress.

The more the vehicle, the higher the premium: Shanai Ghosh, CEO, Edelweiss General Insurance, said that this policy can be a great product for vehicle owners in the current times, as people are giving importance to car pooling. The premium in the new policy will be decided on the basis of the kilometers of the vehicle. That is, the premium will be charged according to the number of vehicles you drive in a given time.

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Companies ready: Reliance General Insurance, ICICI Lombard General Insurance and Edelweiss General Insurance are preparing to introduce it in the market as a pilot project soon.

Pilot Project from February 1: These products will be launched as a pilot project from February 1. Its duration will be six months. Based on the response received from it, its commercial launch will take place.

will charge a lower premium
A spokesperson of Reliance General Insurance said that one will get a bigger cover for less premium than one insured. No separate paperwork will be required. You will get the benefits of normal motor insurance like no claim bonus, 100% damage cover, freedom of entry and exit.

Claim through app
Edelweiss General Insurance said that the new floater motor insurance policy will be operated through the app. Insurance holders will be able to add and remove new vehicles from the app. In case of vehicle accident, claim can be made from the app. The premium will be charged from the insured on utility basis.

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