A friend shared this on her facebook wall and it has been generating a lot of hit since.

He’s oga’s friend. She’s my person. He’s divorced. She’s divorced. He’s spiritual. She’s a very good Christian. We decided to bring them together.

They started talking regularly. He started calling her ‘wife ti temi’. She started caring for him and showing concern whenever he was sick. They had it all going well.

He flew all the way from England to Lagos to see her after two months.

We were in a short-let in Lagos with the family.

He took her out to a fancy restaurant. They laughed and enjoyed each other’s company.

He went back to London after two days of visiting her at our place. She wasn’t there to see him off to the airport.

I was angry with her. He came to see you and you didn’t come to see him off to ordinary airport. She broke down in tears.

Wetin happen?

She said while they were out of the house, he was running after her trying to smooch her. He tried to kiss her. He tried to hold her. He even suggested going to a hotel so they’d have privacy.

She didn’t expect that. She’s a Christian and that counts for something.

I asked Bobo why he was trying to smooch; he said it’s an adult relationship.

She said even if she wasn’t a Christian, people shouldn’t be so daring on the first date. He was too much in a hurry.

She cried for a long time. Bobo has been angry for too long.

I have been in the middle and the middle cannot hold.

I have supported sister. I have abused bobo. I have begged bobo. I have told sister that she’s hot that’s why he was so much in a hurry to smooch.

Now I’m confused. This relationship I worked to build for them has collapsed just because somebody was in a hurry and the other person was going slow.

Both of them are 48+. Please be the judge

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