The number one primary function of every government agency that provides public service to the people is to give adequate relief or alternative succor to the masses but with the Lagos State Bus Rapid Transit, otherwise known as BRT, especially those on Lagos Ikorodu axis under the management of Primero Transport Services Limited led by Chief Ademola Seriki, no doubt, it has failed woefully performing its statutory right as its bus terminals are creating more problems to the people instead of ameliorating their condition.

If the government of Lagos State is not looking into this serious many atrocities being perpetrated in this transport sector,, the good work of His Excellency , Akinwunmi Ambode might be dragged in the mud.

My experience yesterday was not palatable and for the sake of those who are not privy of the goings, I decided to do it this way once and for all. At the Lagos Ikorodu Bus Terminal, it indeed needs serious overhauling.

Aside the fact that their staffers are not courteous and lack respect for humanity, it has become a daily routine, according to those who ply the root every now and then, to go through rigorous stress before boarding a supposed to be convenient and comfortable transport system but nay what they experience on a daily basis is beyond human’s comprehension.

“You will be asked to maintain a queue…three hour later you are still there in a queue and nobody will announce to you why there is a delay or why the queue is massive. All they do is sell non-refundable tickets to people. That’s fraud, that’s not governance, that must stop.”

There are many reported cases of an old man who stood at the bus station for hours and collapsed when his strength couldn’t take it anymore. There was also a time a pregnant woman was said to have fainted when the queue she was in chocked her.

Is it not possible for the ticketers to be directed to stop sales of tickets when it’s evident that there are delays?

One of the PROs by the name Seun at the Majidun where Primero office is located spoke with us, “our business is to provide transportation to the people, we are less concerned about the crowd or queue. And in the area where you mentioned that they should refund your money when you have already missed your appointment, wel, I am sorry to tell you sir that they are not obliged to make any refund, fares are non- refundable once a ticket has been issued, you can’t even use the ticket a day after.”

Is it not obvious that Primero is only interested in milking the masses and not in anyway adding any value? Well, we cannot continue to act as if all is well. I don’t often take BRT buses except on rare occasions but thrice out of those times are nothing to write home about.

Now tell me, who will represent those people whose livelihood has been affected by this lackadaisical attitude of the government agent, Primero Services? This must stop…we must raise our voice against this tyranny in Ambode’s government. The #stopkillinglivesatbrtbusterminals must go viral.