Naturally, some ladies won’t just date a guy who is not well ‘cooked’. These ladies consider it a taboo to date a man who will not lavish money, gifts, and other material things on them. Though, most of these slay queens do not see marriage institution as a do or die affair. So, they don’t really give in any effort to build any relationship that will not favour them financially.

There are some ladies, though, who are ready to die for love. These ladies are not materialistic, they just want to be with their man even if it’s garri they have to soak together, they really don’t care as long as something has kept them together.

For those materialistic slay queens, someone has just put some words together as a form of advice

“You dated a guy who truly loves you, you realize that he is financially down, you left him because of that. He wept day and night because of you, he called your cell phone, you never picked. He messaged you, you never cared to read. Finally, he gave up on you and worked towards his dream and in a few years he became so rich legitimately.

Now, you realize that he has made it, that God has buttered his bread, you want to come back to him. Haba, it doesn’t work that way. You can’t eat your cake and as well still have it back. Do you want to go back to your vomit? I won’t advice you to do that. You left him when he had nothing, that shows you really don’t know what you want in life if you do. You shouldn’t have left him to another man in the first place.

Learn from this and stop looking for already made man who you do not know the source of his wealth. Stop looking for a man that will buy all the material things in the whole world for you. Even if your boyfriend has no job, even if your he is a bricklayer, conductor, gateman to mention a few, stick with him. Don’t break up with him because of his present situation. No one knows what the future holds!

God never destine any man to remain poor, it’s condition that makes crayfish to bend and there is no condition that is permanent. Forget about all the flashes before you and believe in your man, support his dreams, build it together with him, be his backbone, stand by him and with you by his side, he might fly above the rainbow…though, it might not be as rosy as you may think, with your believe in God and yourself, you will laugh last.”

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