Beautiful and erudite scholar who is one of the famous Nollywood actresses in Nigeria, Foluke Daramola-Salako has said that if she were to catch her husband in an uncompromising position with her maid without them knowing, the first thing she would do is to get rid of the maid and later confront her husband.

Hear her, “when things like this happen, it’s always better to let the sleeping dog lie. First things first- which means I’ll get rid of the maid first then confront my man later. I can decide to leave the matter for up to one month without confronting him. But I’ll surely confront him someday. But again that will be tactically done because if it is not carefully done, you may end up being at fault. People will begin to lay different blames on you. Some will even say you shouldn’t have raised the matter at all. No matter how bad an issue seems to be, I still think it’s always better to talk it over so that there won’t be any left over.

Most women have had to take all sorts of nonsense from our male counterparts because they always say it’s a man’s world abi no be so?”

Now over to you readers, if you were coming back from work one day and you discovered that your husband and your maid were locked in the ecstasy of sexual  splendour; what would you do?