I need your response as soon as possible. I have been married for 5years now, I am a xtian, while he is a Muslim. It happens that on this said day when the earth beneath me shifted I had already left the house for my place of work at the bank, my husband is self-employed, he owns a modern printing press so he leaves home anytime.

I got sick while at work, took permission to visit the clinic and close early for the day. On getting home I found my husband not just in bed but with nothing pure ecstasy written all over him. He was having s.ex with a man.  I screamed and passed out.  Since then I have lost the zeal to continue living with him. I want to call it quit with the marriage. A straight man is what I bargained for and not a bisexual. I just can’t reconcile myself with this beastly act. He confessed he cannot be straight and ask for my understanding for the sake of our 2 years old son. I am at a cross road. Please help me.