The evil that men do, they say lives after them. If you are a man and you have found yourself in a deep blue sea, like, being caught by your wife while enjoying cool s.exual moment with your maid in your matrimonial home, what can you do to salvage the situation?

This is what this man did. There’s this nurse who sometimes goes on night shift but unknown to her, her husband was equally having an illicit affair with their maid. You want to know how she found out? Then wait a minute. Madam had gone to work on this fateful night but luckily or unluckily for her, there was no patient in the hospital that night. So, after a long while she decided to drive back home at about 2am. She got home, opened the door with her own keys and went straight to the bedroom but couldn’t find her husband. So, she decided to check other rooms and found him in the arms of their maid peacefully enjoying the cold of the night.

What can she do? She quickly removed her uniform and hanged it at the entrance of the maid’s room while she went to bed.

In the morning, she woke up before them, prepared her kids for school and asked her husband to take them to school while she went out to get food for her household. And before she came back, the maid had packed her belongings and ran away while her husband went to report himself to his mother in-law. So, a lot has happened in different marriages and it’s left for everyone of us to choose what is best for his home.

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