Children should be carefree and playing in the sun; not living a nightmare in the darkness of their soul because of an abuse that has cast a shadow on their mind. The world, no doubt is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. One of those who do not belong to the league of those siting on the fence as far as the plights of children are concerned is the delectable Ghanaian entrepreneur, film maker, actress, author and TV/Radio Commercial model, Kafui Danku.

The beautiful Kafui believes that children who are abused, molested and neglected should not also be victim of bureaucracy, they deserve the society’s devoted attention and not the divided attention; this has led to her feeling so dispirited that the society doesn’t frown at a particular video of a child being sexually abused going viral.

“I saw an extremely heart -breaking video, I couldn’t even watch the entire nauseating less than a minute video. All these wicked acts against children happening because we’re are condoning it. We often see and talk about s.ex and sexuality in a negative way. We all exist because of s.ex and yet it’s a taboo topic of discussion.

If you ask me, we should talk about s.ex and sexuality very often. We have denied young people #sexeducation for years …we have insisted on looking for reasons…maybe, ” It’s against our culture” or “It’s a thing of the west” etc. we cannot continue to shy away from s.ex and sexuality education, we can’t go on like this; if we don’t confront the issue and dialogue about it socially, how can we find solutions or draw measures to curb or end this wicked act?(#ChildSexualAbuse). Our silence and in-actions only mean the predators can have all the guts and strength to keep keeping on robbing children of their childhood and innocence. Each of us can make a difference through our actions. A better world can be created. Yes ! We can have a society where adults will engage in a respectful, caring and protective relationship with children, so they can grow free from all forms of abuse and sexual exploitation.”

About Kafui Danku

Kafui Danku, former crowned beauty queen, multiple award winning Filmmaker, actor and author is one of the advocates of the of peace and social media commentators in Ghana. Her contributions on daily basis, in no small measure, have made a huge impact in the society she belongs.

The force to reckon with Ghana 2004 Radiol/TV Commercials model, Kafui Danku holds a bachelor’s degree in English Language from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana, she has attended several courses, seminars and training in film making and presently studying film-making/directing in USA.

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