I am in my final year in one of the federal universities before the commencement of the ASUU strike.  Ever since I got into 200 Level I have been in a relationship with an handsome lecturer on campus who has nothing whatsoever to do with my choice of study, we have been able to keep it as discreet as possible until last week.

Although no academic work is going on in the campus yet I couldn’t stay back home for more than a few days. i just had to returned back to campus as friends who could keep my company were not just available.  As it would be expected, Dr Yerima became aware of my presence  on campus, and requested I pay him a visit.

If only I had known or had a premonition of what the outcome would be, I wouldn’t be putting my experience out here for advice.  Barely 45mins after entering Dr Yerima’s office we were all over each other when another lecturer walked in on us unannounced.

There I was seating on his laps facing him with not even the tiniest of clothing item on my upper body when Dr Akpan stumbled in on us. Like I did say earlier no academic work was taking place as a result of the strike hence the quiet and sleepy atmosphere at the university, resulting in few lecturers been seen around.

Dr Akpan it is who takes one of my registered 3 points elective course for the semester. It would have been less of a problem or bother to me if that was all there is to Dr Akpan. But, no, there is more to the easy going  visiting lecturer and Dr of psychology who just apologized to us and left.

Hurriedly,I got into my clothes and left Dr Yerima’s office. I have been seeking for a confidant to pour out my predicament to but I don’t trust anyone within the campus community. I am not too sure if I will be graduating as at when due, not because I am  lazy nor am I a below average student, but, because Dr Ini Akpan, is Dr Yerima’s new wife! An information he kept away from me until that minute until he said, ‘how do i explain this when i get home’?

Whichever way they sought out the home front is not my cup of tea. I need to graduate with my set! How do I appease her. Please send your sincere thoughts and advice.