A 35-year old Nigerian Man, Olaniyi Samuel Akanni, took to his Facebook timeline to share his experience as a married man, he revealed how his 25-Year old wife abandoned him when he lost his Job two months after their traditional Wedding, saying she couldn’t settle down with a jobless Man.

Mr. Akanni who lost his job due to fraudulent activity that happened at his workplace went on to reveal how he battled and struggled with loneliness and heartbreak, how he took to begging money from his friends and family to survive but just when he thought he had lost it all, the light of favor shined on him.

It turned out that six month after his wife left him, he was called back to his Job (by then the mix-up at his workplace had been cleared), he wasn’t demoted but was paid N4.7 million to cover his losses.

The big issue at hand is the fact that his run-away wife has heard he’s gotten his job back and is swimming in money and she now wants to come back, should he forgive her?

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