Is this dude really right with this notion about Nigerian women.looking? Methinks demand for money in a relationship is a global phenomenon, though the rate in the demand might slightly differ. So, that all Nigerian ladies are gluttons is something we at Couplestvshow will not subscribe to.

Read the Atlanta, US based Ades Show’s submission and tell us what you think afterwards in a comment box. Thanks.

“Normal woman with sense would tell a man not to pay for her stuff the third time he tries to pay for what she buys at the mall.
Buying gas into a woman’s car is nice but shouldn’t be taken for granted.
Any lady that expects her man to give her money after sex is an ashawo in the closet.
If she doesn’t have a car he can call a taxi or bike and pay the driver or rider by himself if she comes visiting.
I don’t know why giving ladies money in a relationship is an issue to be discussed because it should be a no brainer.
Maybe it’s a cultural problem, I really don’t know because majority women here would wanna take you out and pay for the food.
Take you out and buy you gifts on your birthday. They also buy stuff for you.
All they want is your attention and a bouquet of flowers once in 3-6 months.
All Nigerian ladies always talk about is how stingy a guy is.
Let the guys know that you are ASHAWO and he needs to pay for your time.
If he is interested he will f*** and pay or he will look elsewhere.
Don’t women too have sexual urge too?
Why don’t men ask for money if his girlfriend ask for sex or ya’ll are just taking our “ever ready” situation for granted?
I’m sick and tired of this Nigerian discussion of men giving money to women just because they are in a relationship.
Why would a guy in many cases be asked to pay a girlfriend’s house rent?
Why would a woman be living in a house she can’t afford to pay for and be looking for men to pay for it.
I just tire for this kain wàhálà jàre.
Guys, your mímú don do.
Stop giving money for relationship.
Be wise.
Peace and love to ya’ll
Adex Show”