The issue of is a global phenomenon that the society must continue to fight to a standstill. Child sexual molestation, no doubt, is a form of child abuse in which an adult or older adolescent uses a child for sexual stimulation. The trauma, for child who has been through this nasty act before is something that will forever be remembered though after sometime, the wound would have healed, notwithstanding the scars and pains will forever linger.

Once one is sexually abused or violated, those memories will always be there. Often times, they turn into flashbacks that might set one back and allow one to stop progressing at that particular moment.  For those who have experience this nasty act, the best thing to do is to put your past to rest and not be an empty soul full of pain.

But for this delectable woman, Monique Coleman, is not seeing that as an option. She  is actually not subscribing to moving on as an option as she put her thoughts about Child in a piece.

“When a child has been sexually violated, they carry the pain with them everyday of their lives. If the child forgives, they never forget. It’s a permanent memory that often times last into adulthood. At each developmental phase, that moment challenges who they are and whom they’ll become. That moment recreates itself causing psychological, emotional, social, and physical problems. Some of y’all wondering why you can’t find a long lasting mate! So many have been traumatized and they are afraid to share what they’ve endured because many say that happened so many years ago, why haven’t you gotten over it? Get over it and move on! That’s like telling black people to get over slavery and 400 hundreds years of abuse.”

Do you think moving on shouldn’t be an option? Let’s have your views please.

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