A Nigerian Lady has narrated how a fight broke out in her office yesterday, between two ladies who were apparently, dating the same men. That incident has caused a real chaos in their work place as two women have drawn swords.

Read below;

There was drama in my office dis afternoon. Serious drama that someone’s wig was flying in d air. They both on suspension now though.

This is how it all started.

A colleague in my department was dating this guy for 2 years and they got engaged last year May but broke it off October. But Uncle still continued the relationship, saying he needed more time to be ready for marriage and all. They were seriously bedding each other steady…every time uncle will be coming to her office to bring lunch but for two people instead, she and another colleague in Admin.

If babe ask, uncle will say ah ha, are you girls not friends again…there’s nothing wrong if I bring lunch for you and your Friend na…so the bringer of lunch continued ooo unknown to us…uncle was not just bringing lunch to the office.

He was also serving aunty admin dinner in bed in her room…he has been bedding aunty admin since February last year even before he got engaged…every time he says he’s traveling, he was actually traveling to aunty admin’s house.

So after he called off the engagement in October, his babe cried and guess what, aunty admin was there for her all through. Telling her to forget the guy and that she should be grateful that he showed his true character before she said “I Do” to him.

So fast forward to today, the babe in my department heard her friend (aunty admin) got engaged last night, she rushed to admin department to see ring and congratulate her…next thing she was shocked to see the ring looked similar to what uncle gave her.

She kept looking at the ring but she was sure it was the same ring.. so babe decided to steal aunty admin phone to verify since she knows the password…besides everyone was just congratulating her and no one was paying attention to babe in my depatment.

Long story short, that was how the babe in my department saw engagement photos they took and it was with her man, she just threw the phone on the floor and dived aunty admin, it was there wrestling started and wigs started flying in the air, slaps, bite, everything also added.

They beat themselves till HR came and asked both of them to leave the building and then sent them on suspension. I actually rushed to admin to see for myself, it was really sad, now the whole office knows everything, Chai, I’m sure d guy knows too.

If you are caught in this situation, how would you handle it?

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