Most ladies in the citadel of higher learning are fond of boasting with their boyfriends. Many of them are showing off things bought by their boyfriend to make the best friend see the high level class contact she has. Some do it to intimidate and oppress others while some just do it for the fun of it.

If you are not careful with these 10 acts, it may be a bitter pill to swallow when that your best friend snatches your boyfriend from you within a twinkling of an eye. If you are too careless to leave your boyfriend and best friend to connect, don’t be shocked when that your best friend starts to warm bed with your lover boy who spoils you silly with gifts, money and attention.

  1. If you flaunt Gifts given to you by your rich boyfriend.
  2. If you are fond of giving your best friends your boyfriend’s number or using their phones to call him
  3. If you share details about his s.exual ability with your best friends
  4. If you give your friends your boyfriend’s home address
  5. If you brag about his wealth and how silly he treats you
  6. Uploading his photos on your social media platforms
  7. Taking your pretty best friends to your boyfriend’s house or party together with them
  8. Keeping dirty secret with your best friends, they may use this as evidence to walk into the harms of your boyfriend.
  9. If you discuss your medical history with your best friends
  10. Even if his family doesn’t love you, don’t discuss it with your best friend.

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