All About Family Heath Insurance Policy

Family health insurance is a health insurance policy designed to insure you and other members of your family at an annual premium. Family health insurance covers a wide range of health facilities such as accident treatment, day care procedures, treatment of critical illness, psychiatric assistance, cash advance benefit and annual health check-up.

Today, not only health-related expenses but also health-related problems have reached their peak. In such a situation, family health insurance provides protection to you and your family in case of such unforeseen health problems.

Because it is our biggest responsibility to take care of the people we love and keep them safe.

This scheme is suitable for all those people who are always devoted to their family and keep the safety of their loved ones paramount. Small and big people, old people and children – can take care of everyone with this health insurance plan. Families who worry about both health and money can also take advantage of family health insurance plans. After all, good health is everything. And the health of your family? He is above everything!

Why is it more important than ever to protect the health of the family today?
Today, more than 14 million people in India are breathing polluted air 10 times the limit set by WHO.
drug costs
We Indians (collectively) spend about 3 lakh crore rupees in our lifetime just on buying medicines.
cancer in india
WHO statistics show that India will see 1.16 million new cancer cases this year, of which more than 50 percent will be women.
family health insurance
Features and Benefits of Digit Family Health Insurance
Easy Online Process – The entire process from buying health insurance to making a claim is simple, paperless, quick and hassle-free. We don’t even ask you for any hard copies for claims!
Additional Sum Assured – Especially, in case of accidental hospitalization due to accident and critical illness, our health insurance company will give you additional sum insured at zero cost.
Cover for Pandemic – We know people are scared because of corona virus so we cover that too.
No Your Age Co-payment – ​​There is no age wise co-payment in all our plans. This means that you do not need to pay anything out of your pocket at the time of claiming your health insurance policy.
No room rent restrictions – Everyone has different preferences and we understand that. And that is why, the hospital does not impose any restriction on room rent. You can book the room of your choice.
Double Sum Assured – If you have claimed your Sum Assured once and unfortunately you need it again in the same year, we will make it available again for you.
Cumulative Bonus – You will be given an annual cumulative bonus for staying healthy and not making any further claims.
Get Treatment at Any Hospital – We are associated with 5900+ hospitals in India and you can make a cashless claim in any of these hospitals. Otherwise, you can get treatment in other hospitals by getting the facility of re-imbursement.
What is covered in the family health insurance offered by Digit?
hospitalization expenses at the time of accident
hospitalization expenses at the time of accident
In the event of any kind of accident, all the expenses before and after reaching the hospital for you and your family members are covered in the family health insurance plan.

hospitalization expenses due to illness
hospitalization expenses due to illness
Hospitalization is necessary in some diseases. In such a situation, this benefit also gives cover for all types of treatment expenses for you and all your family members.

Maternity benefit and cover for newborn
Maternity benefit and cover for newborn
All expenses incurred at the time of motherhood and during the problem of sterility, such as, delivery of the child, c-section, expenses of necessary medical termination and vaccination of the new born child, etc., are also covered.

Benefits in case of critical illness
Benefits in case of critical illness
In case of serious diseases like cancer, kidney failure, heart attack and paralysis, all the treatment expenses are covered by this insurance.

Pre and post hospitalization expenses
Pre and post hospitalization expenses
This benefit covers all hospitalization and medicine expenses if any of your family members have to be hospitalized.

Daily Hospital Cash Cover
Daily Hospital Cash Cover
God forbid that this happens, but when your family members have to be admitted to the hospital, sometimes there are many expenses in addition to the hospital bill. This benefit gives you the opportunity to cover that expense as well.

annual health checkup
annual health checkup
The first step to being healthy is to be aware of your health. So, avail free annual health check-up for your family from the second year onwards through Family Health Insurance Plan!

psychiatric benefits
psychiatric benefits
Nowadays mental problems and diseases have also increased a lot. in such a way

The cost of treatment of any psychiatric illness or trauma is covered under this benefit.

other benefits
other benefits
Times have changed, so how can we stay behind? That’s why, our family health insurance plans cover bariatric surgery, organ transplant, treatment under AYUSH scheme for your elderly relatives and even after you come out of the hospital so that you can get full medical benefits through health insurance .

Cover to get additional benefits on Family Health Insurance
Infertility benefit along with maternity benefit
People up to the age of 40 years can get maternity and infertility benefits by purchasing this add-on. It covers expenses related to delivery and birth of up to two children.

AYUSH (Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha or Homeopathy)
If your parents get treatment through Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy, then it is also covered.

zone upgrade
We have divided our plans according to different zones of the cities. This is because the cost of treatment varies from city to city. In such a situation, if you want to get treatment by going to a city with high medical expenses, then you can also upgrade your plan.

What is not covered?
Pre birth and post birth expenses
Pre and post birth expenses are not covered unless hospitalized for the same.

pre-existing disease
In case of chronic diseases, no claim can be made for the cost of the disease until the waiting period is over.

Expenses of staying in hospital without doctor’s advice
In any case, if you go to the hospital against the advice of the doctor, then no cover is given for it.

How to make a claim?
How to make a claim?
Claim Payment – In this case call 1800-258-4242 or email us at [email protected] within two days of reaching the hospital. In response, we will send you a link through which you can upload all your hospital bills and other documents. After this our health insurance company starts the process of your payment.
Cashless claim – For this you will have to get treatment at Digit’s network hospital itself. You can directly apply for cashless claim at the hospital by showing the e-health card. After this your cashless payment is made directly to the hospital itself.
If you have claimed for corona virus, then you will have to give a positive test report to the center authorized by ICMR – National Institute of Virology.
Key Benefits of Digit Health Insurance

No co-payment as per your age

cashless hospital

5900+ Cashless Hospitals across India i.e. Cashless Health Insurance facility

cumulative bonus

20% additional Sum Assured will be given for your first claim-free year

maternity benefit

Cover for delivery, infertility-related benefits and newborn

Other remedies

Treatment benefits under AYUSH for aged parents

Why do you need Family Health Insurance?
Helps to keep your capital safe
Helps to keep your capital safe
Medical expenses are only increasing now. In such a situation, a family health insurance plan protects your savings from being wasted while covering the treatment expenses of all your family members with a single sum insured.

Covers all minor and major medical expenses
Covers all minor and major medical expenses
Contrary to the belief of people that family health insurance plans only cover the cost of critical illness, we also cover for the treatment of your minor ailments – be it a minor health issue or an accident.

Control of lifestyle diseases
Control of lifestyle diseases
In today’s time, the cause of most diseases is our poor lifestyle. Today more than 61% of diseases in India are due to poor lifestyle. In such a situation, family health insurance plans provide you cover for the treatment and diagnosis of such diseases.

Whole body health care
Whole body health care
Our plan takes care of your family’s both physical and psychological health, so that your family life is always happy.

Increases tax savings
Increases tax savings
Not only does it save your medical bills but not only does it save your medical bills but you can also get income tax savings by the premiums paid.

easily payable premium
easily payable premium
The best thing about a family insurance plan is that it covers your entire family within a single plan. Along with this, we also advise you to include your young children in this as well so that at least the premium amount and their insurance can also be benefited before the waiting period is over!

Types of Family Health Insurance
Family Floater Health Insurance Plan

Individual Family Health Insurance Plan

Under this plan, the entire family members share the sum insured among themselves. For example, if your entire sum insured is 10 lakhs, then the entire family will have to share this amount till the policy is completed.

Under this plan, all the members of the family get different sum insured. If the sum insured is Rs 10 lakh, then

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