Some of the reasons women fall out of love is because they never fell in love for the right reasons to start.

Check this list and see if you are a culprit of blind love.

  1. The biological Clock. That biological clock’s tick-tock may be driving you nuts, but you’re better off finding something to drown out the noise than give in to its chimes. With all of the technological advances we have seen in recent times, age is much less a factor today than it was a generation ago. If a family is part of your plan for the future, make yourself happy first. If that involves being in a healthy relationship, focus on making good choices; the rest will follow.
  2. Social Acceptance. Don’t just date someone because having a boyfriend makes your mother happy. Figure out what makes you happy and go with it. Take a class, participate in a new activity or take a trip by yourself. Whether you are hoping to meet a man or a friend, there are many great ways that don’t involve bars. A growing number of women are finding that being single is fun. In fact, the 2005 census shows that there were more single women, 51 percent, than married women.
  3. Sympathy. Who hasn’t dated a guy because he had those sad puppy-dog eyes and looked like his heart would break if you said no? The problem is that one date turns into another and the next thing you know, he has moved into your life, your apartment and your checkbook. Don’t play the martyr; it can lead to disaster.
  4. S.ex. Common ladies, this isn’t a reason to fall in love. If sexual intimacy is top on your list of priorities, there may be other issues you need to work on first.

Many women fall in love for the wrong reasons. That doesn’t mean the love is any less passionate or meaningful; it just means women set themselves up for disaster by not paying close enough attention to the details. Wanting to fall in love is a normal, natural part of our social makeup. But if you are desperate to find love, for whatever reasons, you risk productive future relationships and your own happiness.

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