When it comes to the matters of the heart, marriage in particular, curvy, anterior-posteriorly endowed beauties, most times, are always falling into wrong hands. The reason for this is simply because, sometimes, they tend to be careful in choosing a life partner and they end up seeing a pretender who obviously is looking for how to get the beautiful curvy damsel to bed.

If you find yourself in this situation, listed below are what to do to keep your home very homely and conducive for you to live in.

  1. When you keep calm as a lady, you drive him crazy, keeping him thinking that there is something peculiar about you.
  2. When he sends you abusive message, do not reply back with abusive word, if you must reply. Write “I’m sorry”. Or thank you.
  3. No man likes to be talked back to. If you must be a wife material, just shut up. When he is calm, talk things over.
  4. Don’t be arrogant, be humble.
  5. Don’t be carried away by your beauty.. Have you not seen beautiful ladies that are still single till date? Your character keeps him.
  6. Do not compare him with your EX. there are thousands of other ladies out there. Forget about the past, old things have passed away.

7 . Don’t always be at the receiving end, buy him something, no matter how little it is, whether he has thousands of it, just buy it, yours is unique.

  1. Be industrious, men like ladies with extremely industrious mind.
  2. Respect him and his family members.
  3. Be a good cook, learn how to cook something. Some ladies can only cook noodles.
  4. Call him when you have credit, don’t be a chronic flasher’. Don’t always wait for him to call.
  5. Value yourself, and he will value you.
  6. Because he doesn’t have today does not make him poor, look at what drives Him.
  7. Look out, if he is a time waster or he is for real.
  8. Can he “fight” both physically and spiritually for you?
  9. Where is He? In God’s presence or on the other side!
  10. If he stammers, when he is introducing you to friends and family member. Run!
  11. What you can’t change in him, now that you are dating, I am sorry, in marriage you won’t be able to change it either, or you will spend the rest of your life trying to change him.
  12. You are dating and he punches you at every slightest misunderstanding, sorry, when you marry him, your bedroom will be a “changing room” and your sittingroom a “boxing ring”
  13. Every little time, he threatens to break up with you. You start crying, if you leave me i will die”… who told you? A better person who will value you is coming. Relax.
  14. Above all. Ask yourself! What is GOD saying about the Relationship?

May God open your eyes if you are already into one, and if you are still searching May God lead you through.

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