The issue of physical abuse of young children has become a norm that a lot of people who are abused maintained the culture of silence on, this has led to the continuation in the act because no one wants to be stigmatised.

From every four girls, one is abused and from every six boys, one is molested either by teacher, uncle, aunt or mum’s friend. Children all over the world face one sexual abuse or another but we still feel uncomfortable to talk about it. We are still being hypocritical when it comes to issues like child abuse, sex or homosexuality most especially in Africa.

It’s high time that we started making headlines of them so that the inhumane act will be brought from under the carpet. When something bad happens to us, we have three choices to make, we can either let it define us, let it destroy us or let it strengthen us.

For parents, it’s always good for us to speak against it because it’s better to protect the innocent than the guilty. The young people have to know that their silence is the greatest weapon the perpetrators use to strive in their nasty act. But it’s possible to control it, we can make it not to happen, that’s only if these rules listed here are applied.

  1. Have talks with your children as early as possible.
  2. Teach them the underwear rule, anything covered by underwear is private
  3. Teach them the real names of private parts-there is nothing to feel weird about
  4. Teach them No Keeping Secrets
  5. Teach them the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behaviour
  6. Empower them to say No! Even if it is an adult asking them to do something that feels wrong.
  7. Parents should know what signs to look out for in the case of abuse
  8. Communicate often and believe then if they tell you an uncle, neighbour or teacher is behaving funny
  9. Be careful who your child is spending time with. Over 80% of abuse is from people the child knows-not strangers.
  10. Talk about it often- once is not enough
  11. You can give them a code word they can use when they are feeling unsafe
  12. Pray that they will not talk into the hands of evil people

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